Loyalty Program Offers


All loyalty programs, regardless of whether they are airline, employee, hospitality or financial, share a few common objectives.

  • Member Engagement – Members who are actively redeeming their points/miles are more loyal to your brand
  • Liability Reduction – Getting miles/points off the balance sheet in a cost-effective way
  • Attractive Low-Level Offers – Motivate the large pool of members with low balances to use their points
  • Simple Fulfillment – All Outside The Box rewards can be delivered digitally

Unique Offers

These exclusive and unique offers accomplish all of the above objectives.

Founded in 2007, Babbel is an international leader in the online language learning industry with more than 1 million active subscribers. Learn anytime, anywhere. The subscription works on Babbel’s iOS and Android apps, and through a browser. Progress is synced across devices, so users can always pick up right where they left off. Users learn real-life conversations not just useless vocabulary. The program actually prepares you to speak. 

Available for both Earn and Burn applications. 

With distinguished journalists on the ground in more than 150 countries, The New York Times brings readers revelatory investigations, talked-about columns and expert insight into everything from world affairs and business to culture and cooking. A digital subscription to The New York Times is a powerful and cost-effective loyalty program reward.


A New York Times Games subscription now includes Wordle!  Original games featuring word and visual play – the Crossword, the Mini, Spelling Bee, Tiles, Letter Boxed and Vertex. New puzzles are added daily. Access to an archive with over 10,000 crosswords. Play on desktop, or the New York Times Games apps for iOS or Android.