Rewards for the Gaming Industry


We love the gaming industry. Few industries are as flexible and willing to try new ideas. At the same time, few industries are more adept at tracking their results and definitively determining which promotions work, and which don’t. We like it when clients track our results. We give good ROI.

And, we understand the subtleties involved in marketing to Hotel guests vs. Casino guests.

Do these objectives sound familiar?

Increasing Occupancy

Boosting occupancy by by lowering rates should be a last resort. OTB has helped properties to increase occupancy levels by providing compelling high-value products that are included as part of an overall package.  Your properties will have a competitive advantage that competitors can’t match.

Raising ADR’s and RevPOR

Many guests are willing to spend a little bit more to purchase a package that includes compelling value-added benefits.

By bundling a high-value travel award (e.g. a $100 discount on a return flight) into an attractive package, you may be able to get an additional $20 per night for the package. With an average stay of 2.5 nights x $20 per night you’ve picked up an incremental $50 in revenue and meaningfully boosted your ADR. The $100 Flight Reward you offered probably cost you about $20. That’s a well-spent $20 investment.

Additionally, the flight savings incentive increases the likelihood of a future return visit from that guest.

Increasing Play

We’ve helped clients increase new player signups and initial coin-in after signup by offering a $50 Flight Credit AFTER their first $50 in play.

We’ve created combinable Flight Credits that have been used in floor promotions as incentives to play longer or play at higher levels. One promotion offered $5 Flight Credits that could be combined up to a $100 savings on an airline ticket for each same suit blackjack. Players stayed at the tables longer.

Increasing Average Length Of Stay

Running a promotion that offers increasingly higher value rewards depending on the length of stay can be an effective strategy to motivate longer bookings, or you can provide incentives for mid-week bookings.

When your property offers all the same value-added incentives as your competitor, like resort credits or free buffets, they become invisible.  Offer your guests a truly unique incentive to capture their attention.

Increasing And Maintaining Group Sales Bookings

Giving Meeting Planners tools to help them fill their groups helps them and it helps you. Early booking incentives are a powerful and easy way to solidify room blocks.

Meeting Planners always shop various properties for the best room rates… it’s part of their job. If your property includes an incentive that offers a bold and compelling value-added reward that they can use to help them fill their groups it makes it hard to shop solely based on room rates.