Outside The Box has designed programs to motivate all kinds of behavior at budgets ranging from $1.00 per award to prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Loyalty Program Offers

All loyalty programs, regardless of whether they are airline, hospitality or financial, share the common objectives of Member Engagement, Liability Reduction, Attractive Low-Level Offers and Simple Fulfillment.


Ask anyone… “What is the number one thing you are looking forward to within the next year?” Almost always you'll get the same answer… “My vacation!”

A high-value, easy-to-use travel reward will always inspire the imagination with positive travel memories and the aspiration to travel again.

Free and discounted airline tickets, free and discounted resort accommodations, free and discounted cruises, free and discounted vacation packages, free Las Vegas accommodations… sound fun?


One of the most universally appealing rewards is movie tickets. Outside The Box has delivered them as paper certificates, plastic cards, on cash register receipts and via email.

Movies are an incentive that customers respond to over and over.

Fandango, the world's largest online provider of movie tickets, has been a promotional partner with OTB for more than fifteen years.


What's the most frequent treat that people give themselves? Eating out. Few things spark a stronger emotional response than the thought of a good meal.

How do YOU like the idea of saving $25, $50, $100 or more at ANY restaurant of your choice? We thought so. Your customers will feel the same way.

Rewards Specifically For The Gaming Industry

If you're in the gaming industry, we understand your business. We've worked with scores of properties in Las Vegas and across the country.

We have designed programs that have successfully: increased occupancy; raised ADR's; motivated more frequent return stays; increased new player signups; increased average play; increased average length of stay and increased revenue from group sales.

On The More Exotic End Of The Spectrum…

We've sent Southern Californians on a private yacht 26 miles offshore to an island.

We've sent thousands of people to private productions of “Deal Or No Deal” complete with Howie Mandel, all the models and actual cash prizes.

We've sent people to Academy Award viewing parties with A-list celebrities.

However, most promotions require rewards that will motivate a broad audience. These categories of rewards have proven to be universally effective.

Customized Solutions

An effective reward-based promotion absolutely requires using the right reward to motivate your customer to action. Finding a compelling reward often involves thinking Outside The Box… literally.

Over the years we've designed promotions that have offered customized incentives for some pretty unique marketing challenges.

Rewards we've included in campaigns have included:

  • Jetskis
  • New Cars
  • Limousine Service
  • Academy Award Viewing Parties
  • Private Yacht Trips
  • Circus Skill Classes
  • Tickets To Catalina Island
  • VIP Access To Premiere Las Vegas Venues
  • Pet-Friendly Vacation Trips
  • Books
  • Luggage
  • Bicycles
  • Gasoline

…and a lot more