Loyalty Program Offers


All loyalty programs, regardless of whether they are airline, hospitality or financial, share a few common objectives.


  • Member Engagement
    Members who are actively redeeming their points/miles are more loyal to your brand
  • Liability Reduction
    Getting miles/points off the balance sheet in a cost-effective way
  • Attractive Low-Level Offers
    Motivating the large pool of members with low balances to use their points
  • Simple Fulfillment
    All Outside The Box rewards can be delivered digitally


Unique Offers

These exclusive and unique offers accomplish all of the above objectives.

24/7/365 access to live personal assistants. Available either as an embedded benefit for elite members, or as a subscription that can be purchased with miles/points.


With distinguished journalists on the ground in more than 150 countries, The New York Times brings readers revelatory investigations, talked-about columns and expert insight into everything from world affairs and business to culture and cooking. A digital subscription to The New York Times is a powerful and cost-effective loyalty program reward.

M O R E . . .


The iconic New York Times Crossword has found its rightful place in 21st-Century living, offering players a meaningful mode of mental respite. A digital subscription to The New York Times Crossword is a cost-effective and engaging loyalty program reward.

M O R E . . .