Loyalty Program Offers


All loyalty programs, regardless of whether they are airline, hospitality or financial, share a few common objectives.


  • Member Engagement
    Members who are actively redeeming their points/miles are more loyal to your brand
  • Liability Reduction
    Getting miles/points off the balance sheet in a cost-effective way
  • Attractive Low-Level Offers
    Motivating the large pool of members with low balances to use their points
  • Simple Fulfillment
    All Outside The Box rewards can be delivered digitally


Unique Offers

These exclusive and unique offers accomplish all of the above objectives.

Amazon is one of the most recognized brand names in the world. View Offer

24/7/365 access to live personal assistants. Available either as an embedded benefit for elite members, or as a subscription that can be purchased with miles/points. View Offer


Roadside Assistance that is the same as other clubs, but with membership benefits that are greener and cooler. View Offer

The premier digital music subscription service in the United States, providing its users with unlimited access to music. View Offer

The ONLY universally accepted movie ticket. Accepted at 97% of US movie theatres! AVAILABLE Q2 2012. View Offer

KULA Codes lets shoppers redeem code-on-pack rebates, e-Vouchers, and gift cards for qualified charitable donations to over 2 million non-profit organizations across the globe. View Offer