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Timeless Play:
One-Year Crossword Subscription

The iconic New York Times Crossword has found its rightful place in 21st-century living, offering players a meaningful mode of mental respite. Players can focus, relax and stimulate their brains while reveling in the satisfaction of solving. Subscribers can look forward to a steady stream of daily digital puzzles and mini crosswords that can be played anywhere: Start solving on one device, then continue on another - Android, iOS or desktop.

This digital Crossword subscription includes:

  • The daily puzzle: Tackle the day's puzzle anytime, anywhere.
  • Mini puzzles: Take a quick but satisfying break with unlimited accessto more than 900 minis.
  • Bottomless archive: Mine 20 years' worth of puzzles with classic cluesto stay challenged.

The New York Times Crossword is a cost-effective and engaging loyalty program reward. Specific program uses must be approved by The New York Times. Upon approval, a New York Times marketing toolkit (with logos, imagery and copy) will be provided. OTB will provide access codes redeemable for a one-year subscription.

Contact Outside The Box, Inc. for complete details.Kevin Howe --