Entertainment Rewards

The Fun Factor motivates people. That's not rocket science, just common sense.

Music From Amazon.com

  • Massive Selection – Amazon's catalog includes nearly twenty million songs from major labels and independent artists.
  • Flexibility – Music downloads from Amazon MP3 play on any digital music player, including iPods.
  • Convenience – Amazon MP3 is fast and easy. Amazon music downloads are automatically added to a user's iTunes or Windows Media Player library.
  • Freedom – Amazon's music library is DRM-free (Digital Rights Management), so there are no restrictions to prevent customers from copying the file to other computers, MP3 players, or to CD's.
  • Brand Power – Amazon has one of the most recognized brand names in the world.
  • Affordability – Significant discounts are available compared to the face value of the awards. Pricing varies depending on the intended application, but music downloads are always an affordable customer incentive.

Free Movie Tickets From Fandango.com

Reward your customers with free movies provided by Fandango, the largest online movie ticket provider in the world. Fandango provides tickets for more than 15,000 movie theater screens in the USA. Any theatre that isn't part of Fandango's wired network is still available to your customers either through a Visa card redeemable at any theatre that accepts Visa, or through a mail refund.