The right reward, delivered the wrong way, can ruin an entire promotion.

We're experts at solving the challenges inherent in the delivery of rewards. The same creativity we bring to the design of our rewards is applied to helping our clients determine the best way to deliver the reward.

We're creative, AND we're tech savvy too.


Many moons ago, 100% of the rewards OTB produced were paper certificates. Today, virtually everything we do for clients is electronic. The speed, security, cost effectiveness, and the absence of the inherent inventory issues associated with physical certificates/cards makes electronic delivery an attractive solution in many promotions.

Outside The Box isn't an IT company. But, we know how to handle all aspects of delivering rewards electronically. We've built scores of websites that have delivered millions of awards to support various promotions. We've helped our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars by converting from physical certificates to electronic distribution methods, not to mention helping the environment along the way.

Email delivery, online delivery, or delivering the award directly on a customer's receipt are all solutions we've successfully employed.



Outside The Box isn't a printer. But, we've printed millions of rewards. We'll either handle it for you or work with your trusted supplier. We don't mark-up printing.

Your program may require digital printing to accommodate short runs, quick turnaround time and/or the need to insert custom data. We know the ropes.

We can source high-quality and affordable offset printing for larger programs. We have over 40 years of combined experience in managing complex print assignments.

OTB also works with a variety of artists and can design award certificates in any style.


Turning your reward into a Gift Card can enhance the perception of value. Printing on plastic has become nearly as affordable as printing on paper.

Depending on your audience and on the amount of information your award needs to contain, printing your award in the style of a Gift Card may be a simple yet highly effective way to enhance the effectiveness of your promotion.