How Outside The Box composed a seamless arrangement
to offer music downloads to credit card customers.


A major financial institution with a highly successful loyalty program for its credit card customers continually evaluates new product/service offerings to maintain a strong position in a highly competitive market. The financial institution's success depends on offering consumers a steady flow of exciting, new offers from merchant partners that meet their cardholders' current interests.

Outside The Box had previous success with this financial institution by arranging movie theater ticket rewards. Now, OTB offered the financial institution the opportunity to deliver music downloads from®. While such a "composition" was enticing, both the financial institution and the musical download service needed an outside organization to make it happen.

Client Objectives

  • The financial institution wanted to offer music downloads from one of the world's most recognized brand names –
  • The financial institution wanted to continue to provide attractive merchant offers that encouraged their cardholders to redeem accumulated loyalty points.
  • The financial institution had internal policies that forbid making specific volume commitments to merchant partners.
  • Amazon required specific minimums to warrant their involvement and to provide attractive pricing.
  • wanted to generate significant new trial from the demographic group that was represented by the financial institution's cardholder base.

How it Worked

Outside the Box's extensive experience in providing reward-based marketing solutions allowed it to accurately project likely volume/velocity in consumer response to this offer.

As a result, OTB was able to negotiate separate agreements with both parties that met their individual needs.

OTB was able to offer the financial institution the opportunity to feature music downloads and to eliminate any "minimum commitment" risk that would violate the financial institution's policies by assuming that risk internally based on years of experience in creating similar promotions.

OTB made a commitment to that satisfied their requirements to participate and to offer attractive pricing.


Both the financial institution and are extremely pleased with the progress of the promotion. Within the first six months, the monthly volume of promotional codes being "purchased" by the financial institution's cardholders (via redemption of their loyalty points) has exceeded the volume of other offers by major entertainment brands that have been in the program for more than three years. Volume continues to increase on a monthly basis.