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Los Angeles, CA – As hotels and resorts develop multiple marketing campaigns to lure guests in a tough economy, Outside The Box, Inc. today highlights the continued success of Internet-based reward promotions designed around key consumer indices.

Outside The Box (, a leader in designing and fulfilling rewards-based promotions, stated a recent incentive-based promotion to counter seasonal reservation declines at a major hotel chain exceeded expectations and prompted the company to extend the loyalty program across the United States and Canada.

Utilizing consumer research and its expertise in rewards-based marketing, Outside The Box designed and implemented on behalf of InterContinental Hotels Group's Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express brands an innovative, compelling and user-friendly program to make these properties the hotel of choice for business travelers.

“Every aspect of this promotion was designed from scratch exclusively for InterContinental,” said Kevin Howe, President of Outside The Box. “The development of an electronic award delivery system was a huge benefit both for InterContinental and for Outside The Box. For InterContinental, it completely eliminated any need for individual hotels to deal with ordering, tracking or providing security for valuable awards. For Outside The Box, we were able to deliver the awards more quickly and provide better customer service for the travelers.”

Outside The Box, Inc. worked with InterContinental Hotels to develop “Stay Here Fly There,” a promotion designed to reward frequent business travelers for their hard work by enjoying discounted airfare on leisure travel. Business travelers who booked a room at a participating Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express under the special promotion received a flight voucher for a $198 round-trip ticket to 198 cities.

The rewards campaign, which was supported by a modest budget for online advertising, included creation of a consumer site in US-English, Canadian-English and French-Canadian, with flash animation, a booking module, an interactive map of participating hotels, a list of destinations and a tell-a-friend component. The campaign was launched during a traditional downturn in business travel and focused on elevating the Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express brand among current and potential business-travel customers.

“This short campaign outperformed, exceeding InterContinental's expectations to the point that they extended the loyalty offer two months past the original deadline,” Howe said. “A key to the success was understanding the many sides of the target audience – where they received their travel information, their state-of-mind, their motivation tipping point and so on.”

Over the last decade, Outside The Box has fulfilled more than 400 separate travel promotions through one of California's largest independently owned travel agencies, Archer Travel Group. Archer Travel maintains a dedicated call center within its headquarters location that is solely devoted to fulfilling promotions for Outside The Box. The "Stay Here-Fly There" campaign was the fifth promotion for InterContinental Hotels by Outside The Box.

About Outside The Box, Inc.

Outside The Box is a national leader in reward-based promotions and incentives. Since 1997, Outside The Box has designed and produced promotions that enhance the relationship between companies and their customers. Their clients include hundreds of high-profile companies in scores of industries. Outside The Box has designed programs to motivate all kinds of behavior at budgets ranging from a few dollars per award to incentives worth thousands of dollars. Outside The Box has fulfilled tens of millions of dollars worth of promotional travel, entertainment rewards, dining rewards, and a host of customized solutions. Through its unique, in-house partnership with Archer Travel Group, Outside The Box offers a one-stop source for secure, high-quality travel promotions, plus a wide variety of other consumer motivation tools, such as music downloads, movie tickets, dining awards, spa and golf trips, and much more. For more information, visit or call 818-236-4970.