Big Travel Savings For Low-Rollers: p2

OK, I have The Player's Card! Now what?

Use it – every time you play a slot machine or sit down at a blackjack table. If you have the thought, “I'm not the kind of gambler the casinos care about”, then you're missing the point.

Not using your Card is leaving money on the table

Any hotel can fill its rooms to capacity if they lower their room rates far enough. However, from the hotel's point of view, lowering room rates triggers a nasty chain of events. When one property lowers its rates their competitors typically follow suit. Resorts constantly track their competitor's websites. Room rates displayed on a resort's website are often changed several times PER DAY. Rate wars present a great financial opportunity for travelers, but not a very nice bottom line scenario at the resorts.

What's all this got to do with us puny little gamblers?

The casino marketing department at every major resort is entirely separate from the hotel marketing department. They have a different rulebook than the hotel marketing guys. The casino marketing department can reach out to all of us who've joined their Player's Club and offer them special deals. Obviously, the more money you gamble the better your deal... everyone understands that. But, even those of us "Players" who are in the bottom tiers are likely to receive special offers that are far better than the hotel's normal rate structure. You don't have to be a high roller to have the casino take notice and offer you benefits.

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